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Kindergarten/First Grade Box

This box is geared toward students in Kindergarten and First Grade. We have developed a curriculum that follows national learning standards. Each box is filled with everything you need to complete 4 hands-on, engaging, fun activities in Math, Science, Language Arts and Engineering.

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Second/Third Grade Box

Our Second/Third Grade box is created for students in those grades. These activities are rigorous and fun! We provide everything your child needs to complete each of the 4 activities in Math, Science, Language Arts and Engineering.

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We have researched and developed a sequence of activities that follow both the Next Generation Science Standards as well as the Common Core State Standards to ensure that the activities your child completes are perfectly in line with what they are learning in school.

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Your child will have fun completing each activity and you can rest assured that they are learning as they play!

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What is in each box?

Each activity we have created is aligned with state standards, follow a sequence throughout the year (meaning the activities in each box follow the same learning sequences as most districts), and best of all EVERYTHING you need to complete each activity is included and packed neatly into color coordinated bags for easy to use activities.

* 1 Science activity

*1 Math activity

*1 Language Arts activity

*1 Engineering activity

* A pamphlet with resources for extension activity ideas, so the learning can go beyond the initial activity.

* Online Digital Resources page with ideas and websites for games that coincide with the standard being taught.

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