December Box

by Cassie Hegarty

December Box

Roll and Write, Measuring and Building a Reindeer, States of Matter, Building a Christmas Tree, Building and Measuring a Sleigh for Santa, Growing your own Polar Bear

This month we are here to provide you with 4 more stress-free activities to help your little one grow academically while still having fun doing it! With the free time that they will have, these are the perfect activities for them!

Roll and Write

Your children are given a roll and write checklist, based on the number they roll on the dice, they will be given a setting, character and problem. Using that information they will either write a sill sentence (K/1) or a fun story (2/3). All of the supplies needed are included!

Measuring and Building a Reindeer

The children are given all of the supplies needed to make a reindeer out of construction paper, googly eyes, even a red nose! Then, they will measure the reindeer using the measuring tape included in the box. 


States of Matter

Your child is given 3 balloons, they will fill 1 balloon with air and 2 balloons with water. They will put 1 water balloon in the freezer. Then, they will reach the questions given to them on the Science questions card, discovering and discussing the 3 states of matter they observed. 

Building a Christmas Tree

The child is given supplies to build a Christmas Tree! They are encouraged to make a plan about how they will build the tree.

Building and Measuring a Sleigh

The students are given all of the supplies they need to build and measure Santa's sleigh. They are encouraged to make a plan before beginning about how to do this!

Grow Your Own Polar Bear

Your child will be given gummy bears, baking soda, salt and small cups. After reading the directions, they will place each gummy bear into a different cup based on what's inside. They will then wait and see which substance made their polar bear grow the biggest.