February Box

by Cassie Hegarty

February Box

Now that we are deep into the school year, we may have a better idea of how the year will shape out. We hope these activities brought you and your child closer together as you worked on them! We had some really fun activities planned for this month. 

Mystery Bag

Standard: Making Inferences

There are 3 Mystery Items in each bag. Do not take the items out! No peeking! Choosing 1 item at a time, write 4 clues on the paper. Give the clues to someone and see if they can guess what the item is! Do the same with the other 2 items in the bag.

Create a Clock

Using the supplies in your bag, create a clock. Then, cut out the time cards and choosing one at a time, write down the time you do each activity and show that time on the clock.

Core, Mantle, Crust

Follow the directions on the instructions card in your Science bag to create a model of the Earth showing it's core, mantle and crust.

Build a Snowflake

Using the Styrofoam balls and the craft sticks, build the snowflakes shown on each task card. You will need to reuse the balls and sticks for each task card.

Great White Sharks!

Read the article about Great White Sharks. Using the modeling clay, paint and using information from the text, create a Great White Shark and explain one interesting fact you learned from the text.

Finders Keepers

Play Finders Keepers! Choose a player and take turns rolling the dice. Move that many spaces on the game board. Add up the money you earn as you land on each space. The player with the most money at the end of the game wins! Good luck!

Natural Air Fresheners

Cover the pinecones in glue and place them in the bag. Then, take the bag of cinnamon and dump it in the bag. Shake the bag around until the pinecones are covered in cinnamon. Set them out to dry. When they are dried, place them in a bowl and use them as a natural air diffuser!

Build a Raft

Using the supplies in your bag, build a raft for the enclosed penguin. You need to draw a design for your plan and test out your design by placing the penguin on your raft and seeing if it will float in water.