Free Initial Sounds Worksheets

by Gemma Aguayo-Murphy

When children are learning how to read one of the most important skills they need to grasp is recognizing that sounds and letters are related. Although this is not an easy concept to understand at first, there are many different lessons and activities that can help kids develop this skill.

A simple way is to help children isolate the beginning letter sounds of different words. As your kindergarten or first grader begins to learn more about letters and their sounds, you can help reinforce isolating and reinforcing initial letter sounds at home.

Start with words that are used often, usually referred to as high-frequency words or refer to objects and words your child is familiar with. To help in this process we have created a couple of worksheets that are free to download and print at home. 

These worksheets will give you an idea of simple ways you can help your child develop and practice this reading skill.

Check out the link to download below.

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