January Box

by Cassie Hegarty

January Box


We wanted to create a fun, seasonal box for our subscribers this month. This box included some great learning activities as well as fun, informational lessons. We hope you love learning about our January Box!

Parts of Speech Bingo

Using the supplies from their bag, the children play a game of Bingo. The part of speech is called out (noun, verb, etc) and the child must place a marker on his or her game board on any picture or word that shows that part of speech. What a fun take on a classic game!


Memory Game

To reinforce cognitive skills that are being taught, the children played a game of Winter Time Memory. After placing all of the picture cards upside down in columns and rows, the children take turns choosing a card and trying to find its match. How exciting!


Cloud Creation

After reading over and learning about clouds from our cloud info card, the children are then asked to create the 4 main types of clouds using the supplies given them in their bag.


Build an Igloo

Using the supplies in their bag, the children are asked to build an igloo. But first, they must draw out a plan of how they will do this, making sure it is stable.


Clock Creation

Using the supplies from their bag, the students create a clock and then using that clock they pull a variety of time cards and practice showing that time on the clock.


Snowflake Graphing

The children are given a number of different kinds of snowflakes in their bag. They then have to sort them out, decide and record what kind of snowflakes they are and then graph them on the graph given to them. They are then encouraged to go outside and look for those snowflakes (weather permitting).


Snowball Catapult

Using the supplies given them, the children will create a snowball catapult and see how far they can launch a snowball!