March Box

by Cassie Hegarty

March Box

This months box was filled with many Springtime and St. Patrick's Day activities! We hope you enjoy seeing what our customers were up to this month!

Catch a Leprechaun

Children were given a directions card which gave them 3 options for a Leprechaun Trap to build. We provided ALL of the materials for the students to build each of the three Leprechaun Traps. They had fun using their imaginations to capture those pesky little Leprechauns!

Magnetic Car 

Students learned about the North and South Poles of a magnet. Using a car with a magnet attached and another magnet, the students pushed and pulled their cars using the force of the magnetic poles.

Magnetic Exploration 

Students were given a magnet and a bag of objects, they explored what items were magnetic and recorded their findings. They had to decide what made objects magnetic or not.

3-D Shape Building

The students were asked to create 3-D objects using supplies given to them in their bag. Look at how cool some of those shapes turned out!

Geometry Creations

The students were given geometric shape stickers and cards with different objects on them, like a house, Christmas tree, star, etc. They were then asked to create each of those items using the geometric shape stickers. 

Say the Sound

A  SchoolBox original game! Say the Sound is a game played with 2 players, each player is asked to roll a die and move that many spots. They must say the beginning sound of the object that they find on that space. If they get the sound correct, they may stay, but if they don't get it correct, they must move back to the starting line. 

Shades of Meaning

Students were given 4-leaf clovers and a list of words. They had to write each word on a clover and build 4-leaf clovers using the words that had the same shade of meaning or were synonyms.