Summer Zones and Chore Chart Checklist + FREE Printable

by Cassie Hegarty

Summer Zones and Chore Chart Checklist + FREE Printable!

During the summer months, we find ourselves with much more time. A wonderful gift, but it can create some anxiety coming up with ways to keep our kids entertained and in a rhythm. 

We have gathered together some wonderful resources from friends, family and around the web to create a set of individual chore charts to help you help your kiddos. We use these charts in our homes. The calendar checklist can be marked if their listed activities are completed for the day as well as their zones.

We give each of our kids 25 cents for each day that their checklist is marked, although you can choose any other reward amount or type. We choose to do money because we believe strongly in teaching our kids financial literacy at a young age. 

The zones are a great way to give each of your children a space of the house that they are responsible for maintaining. We will usually complete our zones about 5:00 right before dinnertime. That way, the house can be messy all day, and we don't get anxious about it because I know that at 5:00 it will get cleaned. We will rotate zones at the beginning of each week.

I will either buy sheet protectors from the dollar store or laminate the papers and use dry erase markers to mark our zones and chore charts. 

For me, a little routine that the kids can follow and be responsible for different things, has made a huge difference in the peace of our home. 

We hope you find these resources helpful!

Click here to download and print our zones and chore chart checklist!